Top 10 Questions from the Reason Rally Session

April 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Thanks again, Levi Meeuwenberg and Scott Blair, for weighing in on questions of reason, knowledge, faith, and the search for truth, Also, thanks everyone who attended (in person and online), as well as to Aromas and the Good Work Collective for sponsoring us.  Thanks to all of your involvement; it was a splendid start to etcetera! You can watch the video here:  

We received a lot of great questions during the audience Q and A.  Levi and Scott did not have time to answer all of them, so here are Tonight’s Top 10 Questions for further discussion.  Please feel free to weigh in on them yourself – we can keep the discussion going until next month!   (I’ll add  a few of the questions at at a time to the Facebook page, which is probably more interactive).  ________________________________________________________________________________________________

1) In reference to finding truth: are we always on a journey, or do we reach a destination?  And how do we know which is which?

2)How do you define “faith?”  And do you see see this faith as something that is opposed to or exists in addition to reason?

3) Is there truth to be found beyond the scope of science?  If so, how?

4) Many worldview, including atheism, see community as important. How does your worldview account for this universal longing for community and connection?

5) Scott, Levi, and Anthony talked about ways people seek knowledge and arrive at conclusions about the the world and our existence. All noted the importance of being able to honestly process evidence that is contrary to their worldview. What is your worldview, and what would it take to convince you that you were wrong?

6) Do we absolutely know that scientific rules always are and always will be consistent and predictable?

7) If we are always skeptical, does this imply we can never know any truth, or are there some we can embrace?

8. Does the ability of science to explore and explain the natural world necessarily suggest there is nothing else to be known or studied by methods other than science?

9) Should the fact that we are emotionally attached to, or desire something, automatically mean we should discontinue the search or discount the evidence?  In other words, must objectivity be divorced from desire?

10) If evolution has developed a brain that accept things as true in order to aid in survival, by what method do we discern between things that we think are true vs. things that actually are true?

Etcetera Week 1: Final Updates

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     Here is some final information for our upcoming kick-off meeting this Thursday, April 26, 7:00 at the Good Work Collective.  I think it is going to be a great start!  

     Due to the recent Reason Rally in Washington D.C, it seemed appropriate to start with one of the foundational questions of life:  “Was the Reason Rally Right? Knowledge, Reason, Faith and the Search for Truth.”  Our speaker lineup for Week One is as follows:

We already have several speakers lined up for next month’s topic: “The Occupy Movement: Jealous or Just?”  On May 31st, we will use the recent movement as a springboard to allow a sociology teacher at NMC, a local OccupyTC advocate, and a real life rags-to-riches story to help us dive into the issue of economic justice in American society.

For more information on the format and opportunities throughout the evening, click here and here, and browse through the past several posts for some good links and quotes to better prepare for not only the presentations, but also the follow-up discussion in the Blue Tractor afterward.

We look forward to seeing you there!



A Primer on Reason, Faith, and Truth

April 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

In preparation for our April 26th meeting, here are some links discussing the Reason Rally (pro and con), as well as some links for the question of how people believe we can discover truth.

The Reason Rally


Some links for the general topics of truth, knowledge, reason and faith.